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Tools of the Trade: What Chefs Find Indispensable in the Kitchen – The Tomato – January 2, 2018

Kaelin Whittaker, The Ruby Apron
This has been topic in Ruby Apron cooking classes recently — what I could (Vitamix) and what I couldn’t live without in the kitchen. Can’t live without: bench scraper to cut my dough, shape my loaves and clean the work surface after shaping. A dough scraper to get every last little bit of dough out of my mixing bowl and to keep bowls tidy if I’m hand mixing. A kitchen scale, I use it everyday. A good sharp microplane. And, especially, my Ankarsarum mixer. It’s the closest thing (in my opinion) to a professional mixer that fits in a domestic kitchen. It is quiet, it is strong, has a timer and a lid, the bowl is brilliant. It kneads dough as well as kneading by hand. (Read full article here)

In the Global Edmonton kitchen with The Ruby Apron – November 12, 2017

In the Global Edmonton kitchen with The Ruby Apron – June 3, 2017

More sourdough workshops added to the Ruby Apron’s schedule – Edmonton Journal – May 23, 2017

More sourdough workshops added to the Ruby Apron’s schedule
Local baker starting new group devoted to the creation of Real Bread

If you’re a regular at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market, you may be familiar with Kaelin Whittaker of The Ruby Apron cooking school.

She’s an extraordinary baker and has a passion for sourdough. Sometimes she shows up, just for fun, at the booth of Gold Forest Grains with samples of her fresh-baked bread (made of ingredients sourced from Gold Forest Grains’ organic pantry). Lately, she’s been selling out of her baking workshops. (Maybe there is something in the air, besides wild yeast, that is pushing Edmontonians toward making their own bread?) (Read full article here)


Just wanted to write you and express how pleased I was with my private dinner. You did an amazing job. The food was excellent and I loved how you were able to come in and make yourself at home. The kitchen was spotless after you left and my dishwasher was started!!!

What a treat to have such a fabulous dinner and experience!


The class we took was fun and informative. Sometimes cooking classes are intimidating but Kaelin does such a great job of making you feel comfortable and relaxed. And the food was delicious in the end! Well worth it!


We had a fantastic time with you at our Christmas party.

Great food, great wine and a great experience to share with our staff.

We will be doing it again for sure. I have passed your name out to some friends already.

Thank you for your service.

Dr. Misha and the team

Kaelin’s pizza class was fun, delicious and informative. Having Kaelin teach me how to make my own pizza dough was fun, and the new recipes she shared were easy but extremely tasty. A great way to have fun with a spouse, friend or date. Well done, The Ruby Apron!


I wanted to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying your classes! Thanks to your insights on cooking with fresh, local, good ingredients, and your approach to uncomplicated and delicious meals, I have a new found confidence that I am happy to be sharing with my family and friends.

A quick story… We recently had plans to go out for a family dinner, but decided at very last minute that the idea of waiting at a restaurant on a table for ten on Saturday evening was not sounding appealing. I quickly checked the fridge and pantry, (Thankfully, another great practice you’ve shared with me – I had been to the market earlier that day!) called everyone with the change of plans, and started in on dinner! An hour and a half later, our guests arrived and we enjoyed a relaxed and wonderful meal together… including homemade birthday treats! Six months ago I never would have had the confidence or the ingredients on hand to put such a meal together. Thank you for bringing culinary awareness to my world and for your ongoing encouragement!