I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! The weather has definitely started to change, and as I always say, it’s the best time to be in the kitchen. I am back from my trip to England, and happy to be in the kitchen again teaching. The course was extremely disappointing, which is too bad. But, it made me more thankful for the sourdough foundation I have from my time in Ireland, as well as being able to continue to learn through baking most days.

Lots to think about with it nearly being halfway through October – Christmas really is just around the corner. Gift certificates are available to purchase this year directly through the website. December is starting to book up with private dinner parties, and classes hosted at The Ruby Apron. If you’re looking for a unique idea for a small office party or group of friends, why not get in touch and work with me to create the perfect menu for a dinner party, class, or a combination of the two?

My schedule is up for the rest of the year, with a few dates in January and February. I will add more dates for the New Year towards the end of November. There are still a few spots available in various classes from the fall schedule, so be sure to check those dates out too! I have introduced a new series on this schedule – A Day in the Kitchen. There is a Sourdough Class, as well as a Christmas Class. These classes are longer than my normal classes, and will allow us to either dig a little deeper on a technique which is the case in the sourdough class, where each student will have the chance to make sourdough from start to finish, we will also explore other uses for sourdough starters, making pancakes to enjoy for a late brunch, and pizza for dinner. In other classes in this series, it will give us more time to cover a wider range of recipes, in the Christmas class we will be covering ideas for brunch, edible gifts, a chutney, as well as working on a traditional Christmas dinner.

On October 28th Real Bread Alberta is taking a field trip to High River to see Highwood Crossing (where I source all of the white flour I use in my kitchen), to hear more about their story. I will be packing a picnic lunch for us all and will be stopping at Sidewalk Citizen in Calgary for a coffee and something sweet. On our way back to Edmonton we will be stopping at Blindman Brewing in Lacombe – not related to bread, but who doesn’t love good craft beer and supporting small local businesses? There is a $50 to tour Highwood Crossing, which includes a $30 credit with them, as well as an apron. Get in touch for more information – info@realbreadalbeta.com