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Real Bread Alberta

Real Bread Alberta is an idea that I have had in the back of my mind for quite a while now, it is inspired by The Real Bread Campaign in The UK and Real Bread Ireland, both of which are much larger than my initial thoughts for Real Bread Alberta. The idea behind Real Bread Alberta is to connect people – to connect bakers of all levels, to connect grain farmers with bakers and vice versa, and to connect people who want to learn more and understand the importance of real bread.

What is real bread? I don’t know that there is a true definition of real bread, you’ll read a lot about how it is bread made without commercial yeast and / or chemical rising agents. The definition I would like to promote – perhaps more of an idea is that real bread is something made at home, something not made from a box. Yes, the best bread is a bread made without any added yeast – sourdough, but I think real bread is also bread made in the traditional way – by hand.

I want to get the conversation started – or continue the conversation about the importance of real bread. Bread is part of every culture – bread, if made properly, and eaten in moderation isn’t anything to be scared of. So – if you’re a baker, a farmer, or someone interested in learning more, get in touch, and let’s grow the conversation.

The idea is to have meetings once every 6 – 8 weeks, to talk about all things bread – from the small conversation to the big conversation, including people in all of the stages – the farmer, the miller, the commercial baker, the homemaker, the consumer…

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“All sorrows are less with bread.” – Miguel de Cervantes